Other Meshes and Stuff 3

Male_Basic Compatible Keyframes


These Keyframes were made by taking Animations from keyframe sets By Irrational, Grenadier, Valandar, TexasJack, and adding my own animations and/or adjusting theirs. Most of the work is by those listed above.

The keyframes here will work with any Male_basic, Male_belt, _tv, or _tvlite type meshes. (They will also work with Male_cape and Male_wings type meshes, but the capes and wings will not be animated correctly).

Size Changing Keyframe Pack

Contains Tiny, TinyGrowing, 12ft, 20ft, 20FtGrowing keyframes

New Giant Keyframes Pack

Contains 12ft, 18,ft, 30ft, 60ft , 120ft keyframes







Iron _Man_thv