Skinnable Skysphere

Train and Tracks

Car Engine Steam

Objects For Use In Maps, can be placed in the Editor. Instructions included



Tom_Versatile, the hexxable hero mesh.

(Updated 08/jun/2006) Added l/h scimitar, fixed mapping on shinguards, shoulderflaps.

Tom_female_Versatile, the hexxable heroine mesh

Tom_female_Versatile Heads,

for Mod Makers

Versatile Meshes contain literally hundreds of pieces which can be made visible or invisible with a Hex Editing Programme, (such as XVI32)




just a male_basic sized, male_thin and male_musc, No Extras, For the NifSkope Crowd.

PLUS! New Flying Melee Keyframes

Plus TaskmasterXs Hexxed flying melee keyframes

Tom_Versatile_head.nif for Mods.

Can be used in FF or FFv3R

Prehexxed head.nifs which resemble DC characters

Prehexxed head.nifs which resemble Marvel characters



A Female_basic compatible with heels (or without, hexx to taste), with a choice of hairstyles, for the NifSkopers.